Jada Pinkett Smith : Confessions about adultery and the “betrayals” of Will Smith

When asked about her relationship with Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith chats with her mother Adrienne Banfield-Norris and marriage therapist Esther Perel. In the issue of debate in american Red Table Talk, the actress of 47 years book heart to heart about her experience and about her disappointments of the heart.

It explains as well have had two romantic relationships before Will Smith. About the infidelity, she admits to having been deceived and have deceived. Jada Pinkett Smith thinks, moreover, that trick is far more devastating than being betrayed : “I have to tell you that to deceive someone, it was far more devastating than being cheated on.” These different experiences have taught him to forgive :”Yes, I actually learned to forgive when I was wrong because I understood that it had nothing to do with me.

On his relationship with Will Smith, she said : “I am often asked : has he already been unfaithful in your relationship with Will ? And I answer no, but there were other betrayals of the heart, which were far greater than a situation of infidelity.” The therapist Esther Perel explains that “the contempt, neglect, violence and indifference” are also of great suffering in a couple.

Despite the ups and downs, for Jada Pinkett Smith “the divorce was never an option“. On the other hand, Jada explains that she and her husband were forced to separate in order to better themselves. “We just need to reach an agreement between me and him (…) We had to rebuild it with new rules and something completely different.