James Middleton : The little brother of Kate Middleton speaks out about his depression

This is what you nailed to the bed, while anxiety makes you feel guilty to be there. I said to myself ‘Why am I depressed ? I’ve been so lucky in my youth, I had everything I wanted.’ It is not that I wanted more, but there is something that has not always been there… And the more I ignored him, the more it is taking over, “said the British age of 32 years. The media pressure he undergoes, from the wedding of his sister with the heir to the throne has certainly played a role in this story : “Suddenly, and very public, it was determined if I had succeeded or failed, ( … ). In my mind, I did independently of my family and events that have occurred.”

After a long therapy, the brother of the duchess of Cambridge is doing better and hopes that his testimony will add to the fight of his sister and the prince William against the stigma of mental disorders in the society. A commitment that they are leading since 2017 and the creation of the campaign Heads Together, which also takes part the prince Harry.

Carole and Michael Middleton, the parents of James Middleton, were “very nervous” at the idea that their son speaks publicly of his depression : “They were worried that I expose myself about something very personal, “added the principal. But they finally supported in its approach, well received by the public. Now, the younger brother of Kate Middleton can also count on the support of his new companion, the French Alizée Thevenet. After having founded Boomf in 2013, a company specializing in the haul custom, the contractor is now working on a new project dedicated to his passion : his dogs.