Jean-Luc Lahaye and Caroline Loeb : their evening “absolutely hilarious” in Paris

This June 24, 2019, the Palace in Paris hosted an evening under the sign of humor and the song : the show Absolutely Hilarious to the end of the year, sponsored by Bernard Mabille. As a reminder, Absolutely Hilarious is a show monthly making the good share with the talent of humor of today but also of tomorrow.

In the course of the evening, end of the season 2018-2019, driven by Christophe Combarieu and Mathieu Wilhelm, the spectators were able to enjoy the benefits of Elisabeth Buffet (who currently plays his show programmed Obsolescence at the Theatre du Marais), Aymeric Lompret (So much the worse, to the European), Jovany (Jovany & the last circus at the Grand Point Virgule), Laurie Peret (Show food in waiting for the pension, in the Republic), Isabelle Vitari and Zize Dupanier (The Family of Mamma Mia at the Comédie de Paris).

The comedians were not the only ones to come up on stage that evening as the group of jazz Out Of Water, but also the singers Jean-Luc Lahaye, who came with his girlfriend Paola, and Caroline Loeb were also present in order to bring pleasure to both large and small. Obviously, the two artists have regained some of their greatest hits during the evening.

Also in attendance to laugh full-throated : the buyer emblematic ofa bargain (France 2), Pierre-Jean Chalençon, the ex-host and comedian Philippe Risoli, the actor Daniel Russo and his wife Lucy, the ex-Clodette Lydia Ketty Naval and humorist Raphael Mezrahi.