Jeanfi Janssens reveals the number (huge) of his conquests

If Jeanfi Janssens seems to always be a bachelor, he is not against love, for life… or for the night. The comedian, 45 year old is entrusted with his usual honesty in the show The Big Heads on the 26th of June. It showed with how many conquests he had lying…

While Laurent Ruquier asked his chroniclers to find what bound people such as Joe Jonas, Harry Styles, John Mayer or Calvin Harris – all ex-lovers of the american singer Taylor Swift, Jeanfi Janssens was engulfed in the breach, calling it the star of the “hottie“. And the former unfortunate candidate of Dancing with the stars to say more about his own experience. “To me, it is still over forty years. If it is young, it already has the track record-there… my God ! Me, ohh… I made as a sort of genealogical tree, there is in the world, it ! Of the conquests, it was past the 200. I make a cross every time“, he let go. An enormous figure but that left skeptics Laurent Ruquier et Steevy Boulay, who thought that he didn’t say any…

Jeanfi Janssens, who has cardstock on stage with his first show entitled Jeanfi off, also gave an update on his love life today. “At this moment, I don’t have the time, so I pooled it all together on the same day. Like that, it is done for the week. On Sunday, I’m doing five at once and I’m quiet. I get well, I make pies, cakes, as a little snack“, he added with humor.

The old steward at Air France, however, had been more serious in referring to his private life in January last, on Europe 1. “Love is a little bit in stand-by. (…) I realized that every time I’m with a guy, I am in denial of myself, I do everything for the other and there, for a time I think to me, it works. So I’m not going to let a guy ruin it all. For the moment, I do everything to not meet with anyone, “he said.

Thomas Montet