Jeff Williams, a walk in the sludge, one foot in the product

In the game of musical chairs that occurred at Apple, culminating in the departure of Jony Ive, the place occupied by Jeff Williams is interesting. And, a priori, for the first time in the company. It does not change title, but is reviewing its priorities.

In its press release, Apple slips as its director of operations, and somewhere the real number 2 of the group will now ” devote more of his time working with the design team within the studio “. Load Sabih Khan manage now officially, day-to-day store operations Apple.

Jeff Williams has a profile hybrid and original Apple. This former IBM, arrived in Cupertino in 1998, has one foot in the logistics, procurement, relations with suppliers and the control of working conditions. It ensures that the parts go in one side and out the other in the form of a finished product. Product must be shipped at the customers in a timely manner, all in “the joy and the good mood”.

As if his boat was not already busy, the other foot shakes on the side of the product design, as well as the recalls her bio. He has collaborated with the design team and hardware engineers to oversee the creation of the Apple Watch. With each new Series launched in the fall, it is him who made the presentation. Also, who cares initiatives software Apple in the field of health, a key sector, led him to take still greater importance.

Jeff Williams is part of the not Tim Cook for a long time. Coincidentally, in two different periods, they have obtained their MBA at Duke university. Both have signed with Apple in the wake of the return of Steve Jobs. When Cook replaced Jobs, Williams has replaced Cook. But the latter has never, apparently, been involved as closely as Williams in the piloting of a range of products and services.

From there on, we can see in Jeff Williams replacing it ideal to Cook for the day when the question will arise. Closer still to the studio design, this jack-of-all seems perfect this profile of a leader as comfortable with spreadsheets than with the designers.

In her statement of departure, Ive has put “Jeff ” on the same level as his two closest collaborators of the design studio, Alan Dye (interfaces) and Evans Hankey, (industrial design). A dubbed, but the gender curious, since Williams does not replace person at the design studio, especially not Ive. The chair of the latter at Apple is left blank. This is unheard of, there also.