Jony Ive, a designer released

Last month, during the inauguration of the Apple Park, Jony Ive should give a short speech on the project titanic that he has overseen since 2014. Finally, the designer-in-chief will not participate in the event, it must fly quickly to the Uk, to see his father suffers a STROKE.

This absence reported by the Financial Times symbolizes recent years expanded to Ive within Apple, that he will leave in the next few months to set up his own studio.

The presentation of the MacBook Pro unibody in 2008, one of the few times that Jony Ive is mounted on the stage.

In 2015, after the launch of the Apple Watch, the star designer declares itself ” deeply tired “ and said to have lived the year , “the most difficult “ since he arrived at Cupertino in 1996. Laurene Powell Jobs suggested the New Yorker ” a slightly different structure that is more sustainable “ so as not to exhaust Ive.

Three months later, the british is relieved of the routine business, for the benefit of Richard Howarth and Alan Dye. A break of two years, the time to complete the Apple Park, the project that is closest to his heart. In 2017, Ive officially reassume the reins of the design studio, except that its real implication is no longer the same as before.

Ive come to the office only twice a week, while many meetings are relocated to San Francisco, a place that avoids additional trips from her home, reports Bloomberg. It also sometimes members of his team, at home, in hotels or elsewhere. He even goes so far as to climb up a studio in San Francisco to do a large part of his work.

Ive also visits regularly to London, where it is native, and missing on several occasions from product launches, something unthinkable a few years ago.

The visit of his father to the hospital last month confirms his new aspirations : ” once again, I had a glimpse of an environment and a range of products that could be much better. I think that there are clearly many problems to be solved. “

“One of my character traits is my curiosity almost fanatical, he says to the Financial Times. But if you don’t have the space nor the tools and the infrastructure, this curiosity may not be satisfied. “

Even though he put his paw on the new composition of the Apple Store and on the Apple Park, Jony Ive has finally felt cramped in Cupertino :

I have no interest to create another design studio traditional. What is important are the values and what motivates a group of people. Small groups can do amazing things, I think that Apple has shown over the years. […] I feel the moral obligation to be useful. I had the chance to work over the last thirty years with remarkable people. We have worked on very interesting projects and have solved very complex problems. I feel deeply the responsibility of having to do something important with this learning.

Without revealing precisely the contours of LoveFrom its new studio, which will open in 2020, the designer indicates that he wants to continue working on the wearables and health, two areas materialized at Apple by the Apple Watch. The collaboration with Cupertino is not complete, Apple will be the first client of LoveFrom.

Photo : The Telegraph

But in being his own employer, Ive will be able to go about freely to other projects, without having to follow a roadmap that is immutable, such as his great friend Marc Newson, who touch everything, and who was to join him in LoveFrom.

“Apple Park has really been a project like no other, because it was meant for us, “says Ive. He also met for the first time all of the design team of Apple in a studio specially designed for this purpose. The industrial designers sit side-by-side with the designers of the interfaces and fonts. The completion of Apple Park means somehow that the vision for this team is pretty extraordinary, can now be made. “

The designer specifies that the creation of LoveFrom, and so his departure from Apple, was submitted to the insurance to have a design team in full form.

The new organization, which is based on the duo Hankey-Dye under the leadership of the man-orchestra, Jeff Williams, however, raises doubts within the company, says Bloomberg. People fear that the creativity of the design team is constrained by the facet operational Williams.

Jony Ive, to him, gives him all his confidence :

I have worked with Jeff since the beginning of the Apple Watch and I think it represents an extraordinary combination of optimizations that are necessary to the creation of a unique product. He has an intuition and a judgment great products.

Steve Jobs had left a legacy of philosophy. According to Tim Cook, Jony Ive will leave a legacy team.