Jony Ive would of worked on a tv Apple and a car

Tongues loosen after the announcement of the upcoming departure of Jony Ive. According to a source of The Information, there has been a project of tv Apple. The rumors around such a product have especially bruissé in early 2010. One analyst in particular, Gene Munster, believed hard as iron.

And if the project has not been successful, he has apparently existed. ” It was super minimal, just a slab of glass with very nice details “, indicates a person who is said to have seen a prototype. According to Gene Munster, the project was abandoned for lack of ” killer features “. In the end, Apple has partnered with major television manufacturers to install its services.

Jony Ive, Bono and Marc Newson, making a little tour of the car in 2013

Another rumor that has circulated for a time, a car’s Apple. According to The Information, Jony Ive, amateur car (it was part of a jury of a festival of old cars), has presented a prototype made from leather and wood to Tim Cook. This reduced model had no wheel, the goal was to design an autonomous vehicle controllable by voice.

Tim Cook has also confirmed that Apple was working on a system of autonomous control — the company recently acquire a start-up specializes — in, but the road that leads to a complete car is always uncertain.