Julien Cohen (Case concluded) thinned to 7 pounds : the improbable reason

On June 6, 2019 is published the autobiographical book by Julian Cohen titled” life is a game (editions Robert Laffont). It is incumbent in particular on their participation in the program of auctions of France 2 it’s a bargain, hosted by Sophie Davant. The opportunity to reveal that following his first steps on television in 2017, his mom has made him very special.

Fan of the show, this last lens does not a and therefore follows closely the adventures of the man of business and vendor at the Puces de Saint-Ouen. And a detail was somewhat shocked : the silhouette of his son. Neither one nor two, she was asked to lose his extra pounds. The man with the famous blue glasses did not moufté and is now launched in a diet. “I’ve stopped snacking between meals, and I’ve watched a little more what I ate“, he explains in his book.

Really keen to lose weight, Julian Cohen has not lost sight of his goal and is relieved of no less than seven kilograms in a few months. What you need to make her mom even more proud. In his autobiography, the buyer also speaks about his wife, Karine, who shares his life for many years. It is at the end of the 1990s, after his break-up with his first wife, that the expert has encountered.”When she leaves my office, long after be came in, she holds 15% of the shares of the company, of which she became the commercial director of indirect sales… and I fell in love in less time than it takes to say“, he writes. A case done quickly.