Julien (Isle of temptation) and Melanie: it really is spent the night

W9 broadcast the final of The Island of temptation, 2019, Thursday, June 12. At the end of the show, Julien (age 27) and Mary (age 41) have made the decision to leave separately after each one close to Melanie and Marine. A few months after the end of the shoot, the two candidates are entrusted on their adventure to Purepeople.

What are your relationships today ?

Mary : I’m not a person that likes conflict. So we have rather good relations. There is not a day goes by where we do not give new. We have a good relationship of friendship.
Julien : We have gotten after the show and drink a coffee together. There was a need, off camera, to really make the point. We came to the conclusion that despite what happened we got on very well for seven months [the duration of their relationship, ed.]. We could not clear it.

Have you been disappointed by another ?

Mary : Yes, it was very fast. You would have said that he had come for me to drop. So obviously, we are disappointed.
Julien : Like, I was disappointed when she was denigrated. I was asked if I was in love with her and I replied that I wanted to it, but that I was not in love and that I was never fell in love with a girl. From that moment on, she said that I was a kid and I took advantage of my adventure. With Melanie, it is to the feeling. I was not a party in the context of tightening of the chicks. But the context was that I’m closer to Melanie.

Some of you have accused of being a fake couple, what have you to reply ?

Mary : We will not be justified for one hundred years. You can’t go against what people think. We know that we were a real couple. We met in Lanzarote [Spain] in the past, we had a real stroke of lightning.
Julien : people think what they want, I don’t have to be accountable to anyone.

How far have you gone with your single ?

Mary : With Marine kissed and it was a big hug. We had a reconciliation at the last date. We live in a beautiful friendship today. It was revised after the shoot, we spent a week in Los Angeles. It was with his sister and friends, it was awesome. But there will be nothing more between us.
Julien : We just kissed. There was a phase where I put a t-shirt on the camera. We had just removed our mics to discuss. We wanted intimacy, but not to have a report.

I am no longer in contact with Melanie

Julien, what happened then with Melanie ?

I contacted her to see if it told him that we can see. In the end, we have no more contact for a variety of reasons.

Today, you are in couple or single ?

Marie : today, I am still single. Today, I prefer to be alone and wait for the right person to build the solid.
Julien : I am single. Before Mary, I was in a couple for a year and a half with a girl and she cheated me with my best friend. Today, I stayed on two failures in love, and I find it difficult to trust.

Is it that there are things that are passed off and that you would have liked to see ?

Mary : I would have just liked to see our evening hypnosis, but it had nothing to do with the couples, so it is normal that it has not been mounted. I hypnotized two boys and one of them drank a lot of olive oil thinking it was apple juice. It was funny.
Julien : I would have liked to see more scenes of life. For example, at one point, I found a mint religious. I’ve taken it and I ran after the daughters of the sudden, they shouted. It was a big mess in the house. It would have been nice to see the side a little more fun to the television.

Y-a-t-it of the images that you have shocked ?

Marie : maybe the episode where they had the impression that I dénigrais Julien. There are images where I say all the time that he was a kid. But this is what I said at the same time… I was disturbed, but not shocked. One has the impression that it is a denigration while I explain right my problem.
Julien : No.

Melanie and Mary clashent in the press, what do you think of this guéguerre Julien ?

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