Justice : Facebook will deliver now the IP of the authors of hate speech

Facebook has decided to cooperate with the French justice system to help fight the hate speech posted on the internet. In fact, a large part of these are posted on the social network, and the government was keen to work in a more direct way to find a solution to the problem.

The american firm will now be able to deliver the IP addresses of the perpetrators of hate to justice French. It is an identification number of the means of connection

Cedric O, the secretary of State in charge of Digital, told Reuters on that point. According to him, this news is very positive and should allow a real breakthrough in the fight against these remarks that abound on the net.

“They told us that (…), having regard to the discussions they have had with us, they were going to pass the IP addresses for the contents of hate speech online that would be required by justice. This is huge news. “

In addition, it confirms that this approach is specific to france, which shows a willingness of the entente cordiale on the part of the social network. Formerly, Facebook only delivered the information that in case of terrorism or child pornography.

“This means that the judicial process will be able to run normally. It is really very important, they are not going to do that for France. “

This decision marks an awareness vis-à-vis the impunity offered by these platforms. Now all that remains is to define the limits of the permissible in order to better empower users, especially the youngest.