Kate Middleton and Rose Hanbury : The mistress of William in a full-sinking ?

Evincée earlier this year the circle of friends of the duke and duchess of Cambridge following the express will of Kate Middleton after the emergence of rumors of infidelity of the prince William, Rose Hanbury to reappear against all odds to be in their company – but at a reasonable distance – on June 3, 2019, invited also to the dinner of State, offered by queen Elizabeth II in honour of the visit of the president Trump and his wife Melania.

That night, Rose, marchioness of Cholmondeley, was not wearing his alliance. Married since 2009 with David Rocksavage, marquess of Cholmondeley, she was at Buckingham palace on the occasion of this banquet, the young wife of 35 years live-it is a difficult period in her own life as a couple ? It is in this sense that Katie Hind, a columnist for the edition of Sunday’s Daily Mail, interprets the absence of a ring on the ring finger of his left hand, where there was one in the past. And share his fear that Rose Hanbury, as she is said to have found “weak” during its passage in front of the press at Buckingham palace, endures currently “a punishment of the heart“. Way to thinly veiled to evoke, after his quarrel terrible with Kate Middleton, the possible ending of her marriage – or at least a serious area of turbulence.

It is certain that the existence of Rose Hanbury, who had enjoyed up until then in relative anonymity, has shifted since his name appeared in march, 2019 in the press of the heart as being the one with which prince William would have deceived the duchess of Cambridge while she was pregnant with their third child, prince Louis. The two couples are neighbors in Norfolk, where the marquis and the marchioness of Cholmondeley live in a castle wealthy in a handful of miles from Anmer Hall, the country home of Cambridge at Sandringham, and were at one time close to the point of having dinner together regularly. Prince George has already had the opportunity to play with the children of Rose and David, two boys, Alexander and Oliver.

A friendship that did not survive the scandal : formerly intimate with Rose Hanbury, who happens to be the granddaughter of a bridesmaid in the wedding of queen Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton has demanded that David and she would be sidelined. “Kate made it clear she no longer wants to see and wants William to make them disappear, despite their social status“, has revealed to the Sun a source close to the situation.