Katy Perry has “blood on their hands” : a good sister accuses…

Singer Katy Perry currently has big problems with the good sisters. More known for her outfits hamburger or for its clips crack, the singer of 34 years old is even accused, half-word, to be responsible for the death of a nun in march 2018…

Never really Over

The story begins in 2011 when the sisters of the Order of the very Holy and Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary are forced by the archdiocese of Los Angeles to move from their convent. The beautiful gothic style mansion Spanish of more than 30 000 m2 is now on sale for $ 15 million. The sisters wish the property to be acquired by a certain Dana Hollister, who has the intention of transforming the convent into a hotel. Gold Katy Perry is also interested in the purchase of this property and gets it in 2015 for $ 14.5 million. Recently, Sister Callanan explained to the New York Post that she did not approve of this sale because of the picture sultry the singer : “We asked Dana [Hollister] to buy our property, because we did not want her to go to Katy Perry.” However, it is well with Katy Perry as the archdiocese of Los Angeles has awarded the sale.

Collapsed, Catherine Rose Holzman, a sister 89 years old, died during a court appearance in march 2018. His last words were “Katy Perry, please stop.” Her friend Sister Callanan has said that the star had “blood on their hands.” For its part, the sister herself has had to deal with serious health concerns since the beginning of this affair, she has undergone surgery of the spine. She is currently based in a specialist clinic and is in need of help daily.

Seeing the proportions that was the case, Katy Perry wants no more of the convent which is new on the market… for $ 25 million. The singer has also been entitled to damages amounting to more than $ 15 million. Determined to make its voice heard, Sister Callanan, explains : “I intend to beat me. But how long I will be able to do it, I don’t know.