Kev Adams, and his desire to start a family : “I would like to be a dad”

Already ten years ago that Kev Adams is laughing his fans. For the occasion, he returns with a new show, to Be 10 years, in which he traces his route. This is to promote the comedian of 27 years was delivered to the belgian site 7 on 7.

Kev Adams the promise of a sight more mature than the previous ones, who finally released a solo project after four years of collaborations. “As I changed, I propose different things. The scene, it is something very intimate. We are book people. And, it’s true, I turn to subjects that were more personal that I didn’t feel like addressing at the time. (…) Por the first time, I’m talking about stories of the couple. It’s not that I didn’t want to talk about it before, but I didn’t know enough about the subject, simply, “says the former associate of Iris Mittenaere.

To already 27 years old, Kev Adams becomes aware of a new desire : that of founding a family. Asked about his vision for its future in ten years, he replied du tac au tac : “In the same place. In the process of doing shows, movies. I hope that my marital status will be a bit more stable. (…) I would like to be a dad, I think. I would have almost 40 years in ten years… I don’t want to have children too late, “admits the actor of’the Pacific’2.

Within ten years, Kev Adams may be the father and known abroad. “I’m super envy of me export, but not to do anything either ! I want to work elsewhere than in France, but not only in the United States. (…) It wouldn’t displease me to be well-known all over the world, “continues the great friend of Gad Elmaleh. And this reputation could well happen faster than we think : “I’ll continue the shooting in September. I will do a thing for Quebec, for India and perhaps for the United States. It is always in discussion…