Kheiron : Accused of being CopyComic, it admits a help, but denies to be the author

On June 2, on Twitter and Instagram, the comedian Philippe Lellouche and business woman Sandra Sisley (wife of comedian and actor Tomer Sisley, accused of plagiarism) have stated that CopyComic would be the actor, director and comedian Kheiron. The latter denies being the one who denounces the plagiarism of comedians French, but admits to having been of assistance. Baptiste Lecaplain, also cited as being behind this pseudo, has also denied on Twitter.

After denial from Closer, Kheiron has, therefore, chosen to restore the truth on his Twitter account followed by 71 000 subscribers, Monday, June 3 : no, it is not the owner of the Twitter account and YouTube channel CopyComic denouncing the plagiarism of comedians French that are appropriate jokes of foreign colleagues, but yes, it has helped.

I describe to you just our daily lives

Humor is one of the only areas in which the conviction of the thieves is not unanimous. It is easier to put themselves in the place of someone who was made to rob that from someone who has been stolen… a joke ? An idea ? A concept ? But ask George Lucas if he would have preferred that he steal his car or his idea of Star Wars. I don’t ask you to complain about the clubs that remain privileged in this society where many have problems much more serious. I describe to you just our daily life so that you can try to put yourself in the place of a guy or a girl of 20 years old, who travels around Paris in all directions to play 10 min in three different locations each evening. A guy or a girl that pays her rent with a few notes and coins that the spectators leave in a hat at the end of the show. A guy or a girl that only lives to find the best way to wrap her some jokes to make you laugh. And the best time of the day will be the one that he or she will have shared with you on stage. Try to put yourself in his place when he sees his text in the mouth of a colleague who receives your laughter as a gift, “he writes in the preamble.

He has made righteousness to us, authors, but especially to you, the public

And the director of the three of Us or anything and Weed he added : “I am not this humorist beginner that they can intimidate, threaten, prohibit to play in such and such a room or prevent them from being invited into such or such media. To make it simple, I have to lick the ass of person to be able to continue to do my job. It’s been years that my fellow comedians and I have been witnessing a perpetual flight of texts in the helplessness, the most total. And then #Copycomic happened. I don’t know about you, but for me, when someone denounces people who have an attitude that is harmful, this is not an informer, but a whistleblower. This is a citizen action. (…) He has made righteousness to us, authors, but especially to you, the public. You deserved to know the truth. Comedians will talk to him, but also journalists and anonymous fans of stand-up. Believe me, it is unthinkable that a person could collect all this data without a massive aid. And I repeat, I am proud to have been part of this aid. To those who are behind this entire charade, I advise you to listen to the audience and challenging and stopping to look for at fault. They are in your mirrors. So, to answer the charge rather flattering : No, I’m not Copycomic. It is clear, precise and unequivocal. I can’t decently not to take possession of the work of the person who cleansed the humour in French. Of course, we were much to support it in secret, but it is to him that he should pay tribute.