Kim Glow “invaded by Satan” before religion : “The wisdom is in me”

Last November, Kim Glow announced a big change in her life. The former star of Marseille (W9) became evangelical christian. Seven months later, she expresses to Sam Zirah for an interview In complete privacy in the course of which she talks about her relationship to religion and his new life.

The former candidate for reality tv explained in a first time to have returned to itself. Indeed, the pretty brunette is now calling her by her real name, Sophie. “The character of Kim Glow, I created it because it is what buzze : the gogo dancer sexy who has not his tongue in his pocket. I could say things that I never thought I would. It was a character that allowed me to be in front of the cameras. It was necessary to draw attention to, and this character was able to do it“, she says. This character was, moreover, as she explains it,”infested by Satan“.

Now, she has left the world of reality tv. “Today the wisdom is in me. There’s Sophie and there’s Kim“, she says. And to clarify : “Me, Sophie, I’m a reserved, respectable, has values (…). The character of Kim Glow is the opposite of what I really am.” A radical change occurred when she became interested in the religion. “My pastor is so cool, he respects who I am. I told him my story and he accepts me with my defects and my qualities. I finally understood what love and the true values of life“, she says, ensuring that he was never “happy“.