Kim Kardashian accused of cultural appropriation, his “Kimono” controversy

Makeup, clothes, jeans… It is to believe that everything sells better if it has been created by one of the Kardashian sisters. Over the years, Kim has built an empire, selling all over the world its beauty products under the brand KKW Beauty. Tuesday 25 June 2019, the world took knowledge of the new product line of the star : Kimono Solutionwear, the first range of underwear gainants and inclusive.

Available in nine shades, from XXS to XXXXL, the line is accessible to all. “It has been my passion for over fifteen years. Kimono, this is my first essay in underwear gainants and their solutions that actually work. I always cut my underwear sculptants myself to create my own style. Too often, I have not been able to find a color that melts with my skin… We were in need of a solution !“, explained the future lawyer in the caption of his shots promotional on Instagram.

If the product itself isn’t very shocking, it is the name of the range which has elicited a great deal of controversy. Even if the play on words with the name Kim is obvious, the fact that she used a term as important in the japanese culture has been poorly received. After his shots where she was appeared with dark skin, Kim Kardashian is once again accused of makingcultural appropriation. The hashtag #KimOhNo has been created.

Just as with its other brands – KKW Beauty or Kimoji –, the term “Kimono” has been filed by Kim Kardashian, as well as its variations : Kimono Bodysuit, Kimono Intimates and Kimono World. This has only increased the anger and sadness of the Japanese. “Is it that you know what is a kimono ? It is disrespectful and inappropriate“, “Change the name !“, “This is not a kimono, please respect that. I don’t want the word kimono is associated with underwear, “one can read on the social networks.

As noted by the Huffington Post, Sheila Cliffe, a professor at the University of women of Jumonji Gakuen, explained to the BBC how the kimono was the exact opposite of underwear gainants : “The aesthetic of the kimono is graceful, elegant and gentle. It does not reveal openly the forms and does not embrace the silhouette. It envelops one or one who wears so that it is not exposed.

Despite all this controversy, Kim Kardashian has not yet made a declaration. The name of his under-clothing should remain unchanged. The launch of Kimono is planned for the next month.