Kinsey Wolanski, the model that has spiced the final of the champions League

All means are good to talk about, especially when the potential impact is estimated to be several million viewers.

Saturday, June 1st, the stage of Spanish Wanda Metropolitano of Madrid has hosted the final of the champions League, an encounter that was 100% English since Tottenham (the team ofHugo Lloris) has faced Liverpool. Seventeen minutes after the kick-off, a young woman has landed by surprise on the lawn, springing from the rostrum, located behind the goals, Allison Becker (the guardian brazilian Liverpool), throwing in a sprint to the crazy, chased by security agents.

The identity of the disruptive very quickly apprehended did not take long to be revealed. It is a Russian model answering to the name of Kinsey Wolanski, alias Kinsey Sue, known to be the girlfriend of the youtubeur Vitaly Zdorovetskiy. It is precisely out of love for him that the young woman is exposed to the world in a bathing suit ultra-high-cut bearing the inscription “Vitaly Uncensored“, the name of the YouTube channel of his companion. A gesture which Vitaly Zdorovetskiy is extremely proud and he did not fail to relay on social networks. “I look forward to you marry“, he notably commented. If Kinsey Wolanski has quickly seen the number of subscribers to its account Instagram to explode, this has also quickly been hacked.