Kylie Jenner : First shooting for her daughter Stormi, who pronounces his first name

If Kylie Jenner is one of the celebrities most popular on social networks, it is now (in part) thanks to the photos and videos of her daughter that she publishes regularly. The mom star has posted new images this week. Stormi competed at her first photo shoot… and tried to pronounce her first name !

@kyliejenner has more than 137 million subscribers on Instagram. 137 million internet users that she has been invited behind-the-scenes of a photo shoot of her daughter Stormi (1 year, born from her love affair with rapper Travis Scott).

The girl was chained poses in front of the lens of Patty Othon, dressed in a cute bodysuit, embroidered with pearls. The photographer has tried to make people smile and talk to them during their shoot, asking him including his own name. It happens, for the moment, only to pronounce the last syllable of Stormi.

An a for effort, baby, “writes Kylie Jenner in the caption of his video. The bomb 21 years of age welcome the adorable attempts of his daughter to reveal her identity.