Kylie Jenner pregnant again ? The video, which casts doubt

On June 27, 2019, Khloé Kardashian celebrated her 35th birthday with great pomp. She has documented this festival, organized in his immense villa of Casabalas, near Los Angeles, since his account Instagram. In a story, people could discover hundreds of flowers, roses, gifts and even a mechanical bull. This is a video of cakes, birthday roses, which has attracted the attention of our fellow americans. In the background, you can hear a voice say : “I’m pregnant.”

Some media think that this statement surprise was made by Kylie Jenner. Remember that there is no way to know who owns this voice, or even if this sentence was pronounced on the tone of the joke. But it was not necessary any more to the rumors of a second pregnancy being thrown back. Already on 30 April, the day of the anniversary of Travis Scott, a companion of the young billionaire, Kylie wrote as the comment on Instagram : “let’s Make love and welcome another baby !

The video in question was published (and subtitled) by our colleagues of the Daily Mail.