Kylie Jenner reveals the dressing room (huge) of his daughter Stormi

Kylie Jenner is in full promotion of her brand of skin care, Kylie Skin. Everywhere on the social networks, the line is pinned to its lack of quality and a controversy over the scrub to the nuts, hazardous for the skin, to swell. Although this first collection has been sold out in a few hours, these bad reviews are coming tarnish the image of the brand. So it was time Kylie Jenner posts a vlog titled “A day in my life” to promote the restocking of his site…

The video starts at 5: 50am in the morning for the billionaire. “Stormi I was woken up at 6 o’clock in the morning, she wouldn’t stop crying“, she says. After a good shower and brushed his teeth, Kylie will wake up his daughter, who was taking a nap. “Is this that thou hast slept well ? Do you want to choose your clothes today“, asks the wife of Travis Scott. If Stormi is not responding really, Kylie reveals the passage the impressive collection of clothes that already has his daughter (who is just 1 year). On hangers, dozens and dozens of parts are suspended. We also see pairs of shoes, coats, jackets, dresses… in short, a dressing room large !

With all this choice, Kylie Jenner has finally unleashed his sights on a simple T-shirt cream brand Yeezy, created by his brother-in-law, Kanye West. On the video, Stormi is also wearing a black shorts and a pair of Nike Air Max 97 black, gold, and blue. Later in this vlog, the adorable little girl will make a surprise appearance at the work of his mom (in the premises of Kylie Cosmetics) and will roll to the edge of his Ferrari for children in the corridors of the enterprise. A little girl is very spoiled.