La Casa de Papel : season 3 is revealed in a trailer high in color

It was two years ago ; a series Netflix from Spain took everyone by surprise with a immediate success and smashing, thanks to its realization supercharged and the cast eclectic. Today, it is in international waters, on a boat loaded with their loot, and in the euphoria of the victory that we find our band of robbers eccentric, with a prophetic warning of the Professor who will be seen just as usual : the trouble will arrive soon and it is the young Rio who will bear the costs, at the end of an arrest muscled. And to save him, only one solution : re-form the same band responsible for the breakage of the Manufactures of the Currency in the first two seasons, for a new operation iron fist…

…With a word order different this time : at the devil the money, more a question of play the Robins des Bois, it is this time to save one of their own from the clutches of an enemy’s identity still unclear. And to do this, a single method, the only one they know : a new turning circle, even more grandiose, explosive, and daring. And without compromising production: the thumping beat, the achievement boosted and the grain characteristic of the RED cameras give an impact to gross in this trailer, still on the bottom of insubordination and resistance to oppression.

Fighting, revenge,… and resurrection ?

This third part looks electric, between fighting with heavy weapons and plans on crack, Thailand to Florence. Far from the atmosphere of isolation that weighed heavily on the first two seasons, the trailer treats us to some plans to cut the breath which suggest a series of twists and turns a ragtag… with especially with the return quite unexpected of a character particularly charismatic. Appointment from 19 July on Netflix to find out how !