Lady Gaga : Her extravagant look for the Pride in new york

When it comes to the show, Lady Gaga is still the continuation in the ideas. On June 28, 2019, the singer made an appearance very noticed at the Pride of New York to celebrate the LGBTIQ community. The superstar, 33-year-old has chosen an outfit flashy composed of leggings glitter multi-colored, a minishort fringed beaded jacket-and-jeans fluo, all the colours of the rainbow flag. A dress signed Versace just perfect to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots.

You are the definition of courage !

The heroine of the film A Star Is Born has delivered a speech much applauded on this occasion : “I am so moved today. This community fought and continued to conduct a war of acceptance, a war of tolerance with the courage the more hard. You are the definition of courage ! (…) I feel so honored and privileged to be invited here. I feel this privilege and this honor because today, it is a celebration of all of you, in all respects. Four million people are in New York to celebrate their pride !

Born This Way

During her speech, Lady Gaga has made reference to her commitment. The Born This Way Foundation is a non-profit association created by the star and her mother Cynthia Germanotta. It has the mission of encouraging all individuals in the expression and affirmation of the self by helping and supporting each community, including younger people.

On Instagram, Lady Gaga has posted a photo of his appearance with these words : “I could not be more proud of each and every person in this crowd and in the world today. This community inspires me a lot. Your courage and your relentless pursuit of kindness. Celebrate you today and, hopefully, every day. I love you. #PRIDE.