Larusso helped by his cousin Arthur at its beginning ? “I do not want”

While celebrating the 20 years of its inalienable tube You will forget me, Larusso returns today with a new song. On the occasion of the release of Believe me, the may 3, 2019, went to meet the singer who has willingly lent the game of the interview When you type. The idea is simple : make him comment on the Google searches associated with her name. “Go ahead, demystify everything !

The nameArthur comes up often when talking about the Larusso. This is not surprising as the interpreter of 39 years, happens to be the cousin of the host tv and radio. But contrary to some rumors, saying that she was able to draw on its influence for his singing career, Jacques Essebag, his real name, never intervened in his favor : “It does me absolutely no helpede, us she explained. I want to absolutely no, on the contrary, because I think it is a wise decision. Because despite that, it continues to say things…” Even if everything goes well between them, Larusso also entrust not be so close to the companion of Mareva Galanter : “It was a blood link, that is undeniable, but we do not live together or anything.”

His alleged rivalry with Lââm, her married life, the day she was announced dead in a car accident… It is in all sincerity and with a sense of humor that the new recruit of the tour Stars 80 responds to requests from users about it on Google.

Larusso will be touring with Stars 80 until December 2019. His new single Believe me was released on may 3. An album is in preparation for next fall.