Laura Tenoudji in summer dress with Christian Estrosi, for a festival in nice

A few weeks ago, still, in evening dress and tuxedo, Laura Tenoudji and Christian Estrosi, climbed up the steps of the Cannes film Festival. On his return to Paris, the reporter did a stop over in solo to the tournament of Roland-Garros. Friday 31 may 2019, she was to her husband for the inauguration of a festival in nice, in summer temperatures.

One that takes into a chronic in the show Télématin on France 2 was wearing a very pretty dress, yellow chick to accompany her husband to the inauguration of the book Festival in Nice, which takes place from 31 may to 2 June. To open the festival, the couple, the parent of a little Bianca who is a year and a half, was accompanied by the former presenter Denise Fabre, who is very committed to Christian Estrosi, for over ten years. It is the tenth deputy mayor, in charge of special events and the promotion of the image of the city. The delegation niçoise was joined by Eric Ciotti, deputy for the Alpes-Maritines, as well as by Bernard Gonzales, the new prefect of the department.

At their side, the team of the festival : its president, the filmmaker Jean-Jacques Annaud, and its artistic director, the journalist Franz-Olivier Giesbert. On stage, Eric Ciotti, Christian Estrosi and director of The Lover succeeded. Laura Tenoudji is also mounted on the stand as the author Daniel Picouly was awarded the coveted Nice Bay of Angels for his book Four-twenty-ten seconds (Albin Michel). It is a literary prize awarded by a jury chaired by Franz-Oliver Gielbert, and to which the public azure lover of reading and of literature is associated.

The first day offered to meet with Jean-Jacques Annaud around his book A life for the cinema (Grasset), but also of the debates (with Christine Angot, for example), a reading in the company of Josiane Balasko and, of course, many signing sessions. The niçois have been able to meet Michel Onfray, David Foenkios or Didier van Cawelaert, himself a winner of the Prix Baie des Anges to The father adopted in 2007.