Leah Élui : “I was throwing stones”, her tough daily influenceuse

Leah Élui is not a influenceuse as the other. It does not live in a london house, stylish, or even in a penthouse in Los Angeles, and even less in a loft in paris, but always to her family home to a small commune of the Savoie. A village of “only 3,000 souls, “according to Gala, very few people compared to the 9.5 million people who are subscribers to his account Instagram. The pretty brunette of 18 years is delivered on its daily singular in the pages of the feminine, the June 6, 2019.

Before you start to shoot my videos, the life was not easy every day. I was harassed at school. I insulted her regularly, “says Leah Élui. It is on the platform for teens Music.ly that Lea publishes her videos of dance “bellydance”, a sort of belly-dancing, ultra-popular on the social network. His videos score and are highlighted by the application. “When I started to post my videos, the harassment stopped. I took confidence in myself and I respected them for it“, she recalls.

Today, the harassment has included in his small village. “The young people of my village today use the social networks to attack me. Recently, we even threw rocks on my way, “says t-it. Not thinking, she can count on the support of her mother, who did not know the word “influenceuse”. Today, she became his manager. “There are no other patterns in my life that my mom, “says the young girl.

There’s also this nice meeting, with the influencer american Hunter Rowland, followed by 3 million fans. It is he who is to be contacted on Instagram. “I was suspicious. I have received so many requests weird that I was not serenee,” says Leah Élui. It was during a trip to California that she can finally meet the young man : it is the “coup de foudre ” as at cinema“. Living in two countries very far apart, the lovers come to see him at least once per month.

It should also not be that the young instagrammeuse being disturbed, she was still studying in the first STMG. A professional sector of management that could provide the basis of a business, very useful for dealer contracts with brands…

Find the interview of Leah Élui in full in the latest issue of Gala published Thursday, June 6, 2019.