Legacy of Johnny Hallyday : the american justice pushes his decision

Wednesday, 26 June 2019, Laeticia Hallyday spent the day at Disneyland Paris, accompanied by her two daughters, Jade (14 years old) and Joy (10 years), but also Jean Reno, the sponsor of Jade, and Zofia Borucka, the wife of the famous actor. During his visit in France – he lives in the United States -, Jean Reno married his girl of 41 years, Sandra, at Maisons-Laffitte in the Yvelines.

During this same day of June 26, a new decision was rendered in the case of the legacy of Johnny Hallyday, but it is not a synonym for advanced. As reported by AFP, the judge, Gus May of Los Angeles, called to decide on the transfer of certain assets of Johnny Hallyday in the trust JPS, has once again postponed its decision. The latter has asked for a new additional information after the recent judgments in France in this folder “very complex“. As a reminder, the trust JPS – for Jean-Philippe Smet, real name of Johnny Hallyday, was created in California by the late singer in 2014, for the sole benefit of his wife Laeticia Hallyday. The american judge has asked the parties to provide further information. He wants to be a clarification on the time limit of the appeal procedure in France, but also on the exact amount of the legacy left by Johnny Hallyday and the proportion (25%) is guaranteed by French law to his widow Laeticia. “We talk about 25%, but the big question is, is it’s 25% of what ?“, launched the judge May, who has set a new hearing to 4 February 2020.

The reactions of lawyers

The lawyers of Laeticia in France have indicated to the AFP that they do not wish to respond to a procedure in which they are not present, and those who defend the manager of the trust JPS in Los Angeles refused to comment after the hearing.

By then, no assets can not enter in the case of trusts, exactly what we wanted“, assured the AFP Emmanuel Ravanas, French lawyer, Laura Smet, welcoming “the us judge considers that it can only act in a coordinated manner with the French judge“. About Me Pierre-Jean Douvier, who represents David Hallyday, it is according to him “a new setback for Laeticia Hallyday“. “We are moving well towards the wise result of the existence of four heirs“, he estimated.

After the death of her husband which occurred on December 5, 2017 , following a lung cancer that is widespread, Laeticia Hallyday had asked last year at a court in Los Angeles to transfer a number of assets as part of the legacy (luxury cars, royalties on certain songs, etc) in the trust JPS. But for more than a year, a court battle between the two sides of the Atlantic seniors Johnny, Laura Smet et David Hallyday, to Laeticia, sole heir named in the testament of the singer – wrote to the United States with their two girls, Jade and Joy.

Up to now, the american judge Gus May had decided to wait for the decisions of the French justice system, which has frozen a part of the inheritance (real estate, certain rights of copyright and royalties), before ruling on the subject. At the end of may, the court of Nanterre declared that it had jurisdiction to decide the dispute about the inheritance, believing that Johnny Hallyday has preserved “until the end a way of life, ( … ), very French, which had brought him to live habitually in France” more than in California. Laeticia Hallyday has appealed this judgment.

At the hearing of 26 June, the judge May have taken note of recent judgments in France, but felt that they “seemed not to be exclusive” and that it was therefore competent to decide in the application of transfer of assets to the trust JPS, has found an AFP journalist.