Legacy of Johnny Hallyday : The singer is trapped by its presence on the social networks

More than a year and a half after the death of Johnny Hallyday, the question of his legacy is still a debate between his wife, Laeticia and her first two children, David and Laura. In a testament to american drafted in 2014, the singer had said it wanted to bequeath all his property to his wife (and her two young daughters Jade and Joy). He had also won the famous green card three years before his death.

However, the French court declared itself competent to deal with the thorny question of the distribution of the property of the star. And the least we can say is that it is based on elements rather unexpected. In fact, it seems that his exposure on the social networks, including Instagram betrays a very strong presence in france, even during these last few years.

David and Laura Hallyday, have made the accounts of their father and his wife to the magnifying glass for years to get a ” table location-based Instagram of the spouses Smet 2012 to 2017 “, as explained on France Inter.

And the conclusion is without appeal. Between birthdays, holidays, visits, or dinner with the presidential couple, the couple would have spent 151 days in 2015, 168 days in 2016, and for the last eight months of 2017 in France. Gers, Alsace, Occitania… The spouses have actually enjoyed the beauties of the landscape.

The judges of the court of Nanterre, who must decide if the French law or american apply here, and thus have made their choice. Our jurisdiction prohibiting the disinheritance of his children, 75% of the property of the singer could be divided between her four children. Good news for Me Emmanuel Ravanas, advisor Laura Smet, which was entrusted to France Info.

“This is an extremely important decision because it marks the attachment of Johnny Hallyday in France, and, as a counterpoint to the incompetence of the american judge to treat this folder. “

Of course, Laeticia Hallyday has decided to appeal through his lawyer, who denounced ” the sophistry developed by the other party “. This decision is nevertheless important, because it shows how social networks can become a weapon effective justice in case of dispute.