Letizia and Felipe of Spain moved about the cap as well as their daughter, Leonor, will spend

The annual meeting of the representatives of the Patronages of the Foundation Princess of the Asturias had this year a special taste, Wednesday 26 June 2019 at the Pardo palace in Madrid : whether the princess Leonor of Asturias, honorary president of the organization, there was no, his parents, king Felipe VI and queen Letizia of Spain have been able to rejoice on the occasion of this meeting that she participates for the first time, in October next, to the big awards ceremony that takes place in Oviedo.

Five years after having acceded to the status of heir to the throne following the advent of his father on June 19, 2014, the princess Leonor, 13 years old, will be in effect for the first time, his rank at the theater Campoamor on October 6, 2019, has formally indicated on 14 June the Spanish royal House. A new milestone founder in the existence of the young girl destiny of the queen, a year after his first official visit in the principality of Asturias (September 2018) and his first speech, a few weeks later for the anniversary of the Constitution.

Very emotional for the queen and for me

For king Felipe, it is a perspective that is a strong symbol, and emotion, as itself had made its debut of prince of the Asturias at the same age. “We invite you to our next edition of the awards which, as you know, will be for the queen and for me very special meaning – and especially moving – and will be especially symbolic for our Foundation : the presence, in the theatre Campoamor of our daughters, the princess of Asturias, honorary president of the Foundation, and the infanta Sofia is not a before and an after, but rather a today and a tomorrow, not only for our prices but also for the life of the Foundation itself and the pride of the Crown“, has stated the sovereign of 53 years, under the approving eye of his wife, Letizia, very stylish in the sleeveless dress blue Hugo Boss she wore in the month of march in Argentina. Founded in September 1980 and inaugurated by Felipe, then prince of Asturias, and surrounded by his parents king Juan Carlos I and the queen Sofia Foundation, the Princess of Asturias awards every year in its price in various categories for the promotion of scientific values, cultural and humanistic.

Before this great event, the princess Leonor and the infanta Sofia (12 years old) will spend part of the summer in the United States : as in 2018, they will go to summer camp during the month of July, before going on their family holidays to Majorca, as always. “In this way, Their Majesties the king and queen hear that the infantes receive training complementary to their education in Spain, and benefit from an environment of cultural exchange with children, girls and boys of different nationalities. The goal is that this holiday can bring both Doña Leonor as Doña Sofia of new knowledge and new experiences, with activities tailored to their age“, had last year detailed the palace about this summer camp. In return, the maids had delivered a few echoes during the traditional summer meeting with the press at Marivent palace : “It was very fun. We have done a lot of sports [sailing, and tennis, in particular, editor’s NOTE] and we have made the acquaintance of other young people“, was revealed to be the eldest of the two sisters.