Letizia of Spain : This red dress that everyone is talking about in Seville

After his visit at the book fair of Madrid, may 31, 2019, Letizia of Spain attended alongside her husband Felipe at the armed forces Day 2019.

The royal couple of spain presided over the ceremony, which was held in Seville on June 1, 2019. A special day to publicize the work of the armed forces and pay tribute to members of the army. Spanish citizens can join in this day to better understand the different missions and tasks of the military.

Sublime, Letizia of Spain chose a red dress to a brand seville Cherubina. Color scarlet red, the dress is subtly attached to the waistband in the traditional of her husband Felipe. Made up of puffed sleeves gently squeezed the shoulders and spaghetti straps, this dress is very elegant and is again chosen with taste. A belt with a small button at the waist highlights the silhouette of the queen as well as the effects draped and gathered of this creation.

It is the model “Suzie”, also available in blue color at a price of 280 euros. To accompany this dress, Letizia of Spain chose a bag of the same tone, suede, earrings that blend wonderfully with the silver and the jewels and the shoes red. To intensify her gaze, brown, Letizia opted for a light make-up consisting of shades of nude. Very elegant, her low chignon to highlight her jewelry. As often, this dress worn by the queen will be very quickly out of stock.