Lili Reinhart (Riverdale) in danger : How it has avoided the worst

Lili Reinhart had a big scare, Monday, 3 June 2019. After having landed in an airport, it does not specify the location, the actress star of Riverdale has been “rushed” to ride in a taxi. Pretending to be a professional in your career, this driver would have tried to convince Lili Reinhart for boarding. “I approached this car, but there was absolutely no sign that it was driven by a professional driver“, rose up the actress of 22 years on Twitter.

So I’m NOT boarding. Please, pay attention and take well-informed decisions. Seriously, pay attention to you. Don’t worry about appearing rude, trust your instinct, it could save you“, she warned. A way to raise awareness among its 2.7 million subscribers to that problem. Much more than a simple scam, “it is not known on which you can fall, “pointed out a fan on Twitter.