Loana : Lynchée because of his dog, it is justified

Loana regularly gives news to his fans on the social networks. On 25 June 2019, however, it is another to be dear to her heart that she was speaking on Instagram : her dog, Titi. But this publication has not been unanimous.

We discover his faithful four-legged friend wearing a sweater. Very quickly, many users reported in comments that this was not do honor to his dog than to make him wear a sweater, especially in this period of heat wave. Facing criticism, Loana has posted a video on which Bar him from licking. “The question that I have a lot of view in the comments : why was there a pull ? Already because it is a dog hair-free and secondly it is he who is love. I claimed as soon as I stripped it so I leave him to make him happy“, she writes in the caption, on the 26th of June.

And on the 27th of June, it has added a layer by posting a new video on which we can observe his dog lying and wearing the famous sweater, while an avatar representing the winner of Loft Story (M6) dance. “My Titi is doing very well, sleeping just right and then stop with your comments on the fact that I should be ashamed that he wears a sweater. He loves to have it and it is him which me the to make a claim. It’s crazy how a small video full of cute can cause so much criticism. It is sad, “he wrote. Remains to be seen whether this will be sufficient to stop the negative comments.