Logic Pro X 10.4.5 is ready for the new Mac Pro

Apple had used Logic Pro X at the keynote of WWDC to illustrate the processing capabilities of the Mac Pro, expected this autumn. Logically, the professional application for the creation of music receives an update almost dedicated to the new machine.

Image : Apple

The update 10.4.5 for Logic Pro X pushes the values to four figures for the number of tracks and channels can be managed simultaneously.

Increase in the number of tracks and channels, up to :

  • 1000 channel strips stereo audio

  • 1000 channel strips, software instruments

  • 1000 channel strips, auxiliary

  • 1000 external MIDI tracks

  • 12 sends per channel strip

Improved performance

  • Improvement of the reactivity of the mixer and the list of events when working on sessions with large

  • More efficient use of system resources in projects, including many tempo changes and editions Flex Time

  • Performance optimization for the Mac Pro, including the support of many segments of the calculation, up to 56

  • Other additional improvements to stability and performance

The changes are not reserved to the future customers of the monster on its legs, three novelties are described :

  • Filtering by the loop browser by type of loop and drag-and-drop of multiple loops simultaneously in your project

  • Module DeEsser 2 redesigned to offer more options for reducing sibilants on the audio tracks

  • Sending the time clock MIDI to specific ports, each with settings as unique as the timing offset and the delay compensation module