Louis of Cambridge : When Kate Middleton prevents his son from sucking his thumb

If the edition 2019 of the parade Trooping the Colour in particular has been marked by the comeback of the duchess Meghan Sussex after the birth of his son Archie, and, to a lesser extent, the first participation of Jack Brooksbank, husband since October 2018, princess Eugenie of York, the grand facilitator of the day is called Louis of Cambridge.

At the age of only 13 months, the third child of prince William and Kate Middleton made a splash at the massive rally of the british royal family for this solemn celebration of the birthday of queen Elizabeth II. The balcony of the palace of Buckingham, Louis, who was wearing an outfit similar in all respects to that of his uncle, prince Harry, in the same circumstances… in 1986, made the happiness of the observers showing enthusiastic : sometimes in the arms of his mother, sometimes in those of his father, as we have seen, carefully follow the parade, military air, vigorously shake the arm to greet the crowd or clap frantically, at the risk, at a given time, to make waltz the hat of grandmother , Camilla, the duchess of Cornwall.

But it has also been seen to make a gesture several times, sucking his thumb. If he was able to indulge in leisure behind the windows of Buckingham palace while he was stirring the procession in the pram the duke and duchess of Cambridge on the Mall, they have then done everything possible to prevent that the sequence in balcony. While William, who wore it, struggled to achieve his ends, Kate came to the rescue, gently…

It was the second appearance in the small final of Cambridge in the space of less than a month : in may, stunning images released by Kensington palace shown in the process of exploring with the family the garden the duchess Catherine had developed for the flower show to Chelsea. Kate has also entrusted, on a visit to Bletchley, he had to always be on the lookout with this little go-getter. Keyed up to the balcony of Buckingham, it has been found that it is bursting actually of energy !