macOS Catalina : Duet Display does not want to be ejected from the Sidecar

The function Sidecar that transforms an iPad into a second monitor touch a Mac — if only all this small world works under iPadOS 13 and macOS Catalina — force vendors external display to quickly find new opportunities. In the case of Luna Display, there is a lot of emphasis on the app Astropad specialized in the drawing.

For Duet Display, it doesn’t pretend surprise. “I knew it was something that could happen anywhere “, explains Rahul Dewan, the boss of the editor, TechCrunch. His app has squatted the top 10 in the App Store for five years, demonstrating the potential of the market. Apple has not had to look far for the inspiration for this function, in the great tradition of the ” sherlokage “.

This is why Duet Display did not wait for the WWDC in 2019 to reinvent itself. In this case, the company is developing since two years of remote access tools, intended for a clientele of itinerant workers and users that have the wanderlust. In addition, several launches of new features are planned for this summer that are ” not in link with this area , “says Dewan.

Duet Display

Like Luna, Duet is also interested in the market Windows. “We will go where our customers are, and the future of our business is in the creative tools multi-platforms , “says the CEO. Sidecar in any case represents a serious competition to these third-party vendors : Apple is not merely an external display, support for the Apple Pencil also lets you use the iPad as a graphic palette with apps like Illustrator, Affinity Photo or even Maya.