macOS Catalina : functions incompatible with some Mac

What will be the Mac-compatible with some function more demanding than the other macOS Catalina ? Apple has left many unanswered questions, we are only at the beginning of the betas distributed, but elements are specified.

In a general way first, macOS Catalina will work there where the Mojave is already usable : all MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini and iMac 2012, MacBook 2015 iMac Pro 2017 and the Mac Pro 2013.

SideCar : use his iPad as a secondary screen for your Mac will only be possible with some Mac. Apple has not yet given any details on the hardware required, but it is an exclusion list found in the beta of macOS defines the accepted models for the moment : iMac 27″ late 2015, MacBook Pro 2016, the Mac mini 2018 and MacBook 2016.

The oldest of these Macs have in common an Intel 6th generation “Skylake”, which has made possible the decoding of the video format HEVC using GPU-rather than taking over the main processor. It is precisely the format, HEVC that SideCar seems to use to project the image of the Mac on the iPad.

A series of commands to the Terminal free macOS Catalina of these restrictions and makes operational SideCar on older Mac. As summarized in The Journal of the Rabbit, it works, but it may lack fluidity or pull hard on the processor.

It will also be Mac applications that are compatible SideCar, but Apple suggests that certain functions need optimization. The first software advertised as having to be 100% loans are to the number of 15, with titles from Adobe, Affinity, Corel, etc

Voice Control : control your Mac by voice has been enhanced. Either on the detection of a flow between a text and a command to execute, the navigation in the interface or the quality of the recognition. But at the beginning this will be restricted to the English language.

Activation Lock : Mac lost or misplaced, but tracked with the app in the “Locate” or by logging on to ? You’ll be able to lock its remote access and prevent the removal of its content, as we already did on iOS. It adds a PIN code to six digits such as sesame, and a message to the attention of the light.

The presence of a chip T2 on the Mac to lock is, however, mandatory for this to be possible. For the moment it is not a lot of world : the iMac Pro and the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac mini launched from 2018.

For other functions there was no information, this may mean that it will work everywhere or that the assessment of the obtained performances is not yet complete.