Madonna : Her music video God Control shocks the victims of the massacre of the Pulse

Madonna hits hard with God in Control and its clip signed Jonas Akerlund. The star book a plea for the control of sales of firearms in the United States. “Wake up, each year more than 36,000 people are killed by firearms in the United States and over 100,000 are shot at and are injured. No one is immune. Gun control, now !“, is it written white on black at the end of the video that shows the massacre of innocent people in a nightclub. These scenes are reminiscent of the massacre of the Pulse, a club that was hosting a public LGBTI, June 12, 2016. Some victims are unable to cope with the images of God Control, new from the album Madam X.

The killing of mass to Orlando, Florida, is the heaviest attack against the LGBTI community in the United States and one who has made the most victims (49 dead and 53 injured) after that of September 11. If the message of Madonna is, in the opinion of all, powerful and necessary, the images of the clip shock. On the website TMZ.comfirst, a survivor of the Pulse, Patience Carter, explained that watching the clip of Madonna had been “traumatic” for her and that she had found it “coarse” as it looks like it has lived this night of June 12, 2016.

Images traumatic

Always on TMZ, Brandon Wolf, another survivor of the Pulse, appreciates the commitment of Madonna, which will, most certainly, a great scope. It regrets, however, that the star of 60 years has not involved any members of the community, of the Pulse in this video project. He would have liked that it is concerned with families of the victims of the impact of the images that she was prepared to put in scene. More seriously, he accuses him of being so “self-centered” that even when she had paid homage to the victims of the Pulse, after the slaughter, it was a simple tweet showing her famous kiss with Britney Spears at the MTV Video Music Awards 2003 légendé : “Gay or straight. Not of hatred.” It would hardly be surprising that other voices are being raised against the graphic violence of the movie clip : the community’s Pulse, of course, and even here in France, with the survivors of the Bataclan.

As summed up by a writer for the Guardian, the musical journalist Ben Beaumont-Thomas, this clip should “be very hard for anyone who has been traumatized by the terrorist attack on the Pulse”. But he also noted that the voice of Madonna on the subject of firearms is “the clearest and most powerful than any other in pop culture“. On Twitter, the star encourages its subscribers to support many associations that fight for the control of firearms in the United States whose 1Pulse4America, founded by the actor gay and out George Takei after the attack on Orlando.

In France, the correspondent of RTL in the United States Philippe Corbé has published in 2017 by Grasset, a book on the Pulse , entitled I’d go dancing in Orlando. Rather than tell the story of the massacre, our brother there stood before the portrait of the 49 victims and their families.