Make a full backup of his iPhone with AnyTrans πŸ“£

Use iTunes to make a backup of the iPhone has never been intuitive or in any case, not for everyone. It is limited to provide you with a backup “hard and pure” and unique sense of your iPhone, without too much understanding, and without provide you with other features.

iTunes doesn’t offer to split the backed-up items or to merge them. The same thing, as soon as one wants to use a music as ringtone on iPhone or, for example, as soon as we want to save only our messages, it all soon becomes very complex to see out of reach for the non-initiated(e)s.

Like most iOS users, we are comfortable with these drawbacks related to the backup of iPhone. AirDrop has been able to overcome this problem partly, but this is not enough.

If you’re tired of iTunes and want to save it effectively from your iPhone, we have surely found the solution for you with AnyTrans, a soft extremely handy that you will quickly forget about iTunes. It offers just the perfect solution to transfer photos, music, contacts, messages, apps and a whole bunch of other files between all types of devices : iPhone, iPad and iPod to a Mac or PC, and even between iTunes or iCloud.

AnyTrans for iOS : for a backup 100% of your iPhone

In just a few seconds of use, it quickly realizes that the software backup much more content than iTunes. It is undeniable, and the list is long.

The most useful backup features of AnyTrans is that it allows you to manage your imported photos, which is already a big step forward for the accustomed iTunes. Either Live Pictures or albums, it exports all your photos intelligently, and above all, in a few clicks.

One realizes very quickly that it is convenient to have everything in one software, without having to go through multiple applications, without having to follow tutorials as soon as one wishes to do something a bit complex… Because yes : another advantage of AnyTrans, it is its simplicity. The interface is very clear, intuitive and goes very well with macOS.

Next to it, AnyTrans supports applications Movies, the Videos are imported or downloaded (as well as those taken on the iPhone of course), TV shows, music videos, Music app, Podcasts, iTunes U, and even audio books.

Another very important detail : AnyTrans enables you to literally turn your iPhone into USB drive, because you can now copy paste your mp3 favorite like that, without any effort… and even use them as a ringtone, if it makes you happy. She is not beautiful the life ?

AnyTrans allows three types of backup, for more comfort

In addition to being convenient and to save everything that you want from your iPhone, AnyTrans allows multiple backups :

  • Full backup

  • Incremental backup

  • Wireless backup

The full backup, as its name indicates, takes absolutely everything. It will back up all the data, settings and media from your iPhone, safely, and in a single click. It is the most convenient, as it saves more things than iTunes, as we said above.

The incremental backup is very interesting : given that the full backup consumes a bit too much time and space, the developers, malignant, have found a solution to overcome this problem. This backup optimizes simply the backup time and disk space. A further advantage lies in the fact that it can recover a specific file at any time thanks to this backup type, which is extremely convenient to use.

Finally, the backup wireless makes a backup ” selectively “, depending on your needs : all days, all weeks, all month… And in the end, you have nothing to do. AnyTrans takes care of everything, automatically, without the need for manual action.

Other useful features of AnyTrans

AnyTrans does not stop there in its usefulness and in its ergonomics. During our test, several small details have particularly attracted our attention : the first thing is the fact of being able to browse its contents in a few clicks and in complete transparency. Neither iTunes, nor iCloud only allows you to preview what is included in a backup before the restoration, and AnyTrans is handling it perfectly well. It is very convenient.

Another thing : AnyTrans, you can even do the migration of data from an Android to an iPhone. Tested and approved between a Samsung A3 2017 and a iPhone : contacts, photos, messages, videos, music,… in few clicks, everything is transferable. It is even possible to choose what you want to transfer (it is a habit that one takes quickly with AnyTrans, the fact that you always have the choice).

To try it is to adopt it !

Ultimately, AnyTrans is ” THE ” ultimate solution, all-in-one, to satisfy all your needs in data management iOS. Whether you’re browsing your data, to organize them, edit them, transfer them or back them up from one place to another (computer, smartphone, or cloud) everything is possible.

AnyTrans is an excellent choice to finally make its iPhone a smartphone open, practical and easy to use.

The installation is very simple :

You can also find the guide of AnyTrans, the technical specifications, as well as the advice of experts (rave review).

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