Manuel Valls and his future wife, Susana Gallardo : a festival after the defeat

Manuel Valls had one ambition : that of becoming the new mayor of the town where he was born there fifty-six years, Barcelona. After months of campaigning, it has not unfortunately been able to see his defeat, the may 26, 2019. It is placed in fourth position with 13% of the vote, far behind the mayor present, Ada Colau, and the pro-independence Ernest Maragall.

During these months of fierce fighting, with the desire to create the surprise, Manuel Valls, has been able to count on the support of the one who shares his love life since barely a year : the heiress Catalan Susana Gallardo. Despite the defeat, the former Interior minister and Prime minister of François Hollande does not come back in France, although his children are missing. “I made a choice of life. Whatever happens, I will stay here, “he informed the Paris before the election. And the motivations of Manuel Valls are not only political, but also personal.

The applicant deposed has recently announced on Spanish television thathe was going to marry Susana Gallardo, a little over a year after having formalized his break-up with his ex-wife, Anne Gravoin with Paris Match. The former minister and the violinist of 53 years, separated after twelve years spent together.

A few days after his defeat, Manuel Valls, has re-emerged in Barcelona at the hand of his future wife. The couple attended the launch of the 7th edition of the Festival Gardens Pedralbes. On this occasion, Susana Gallardo wore a dress ornate and imposing earrings. The festival is an appointment considered who will host this year the diva american Mariah Carey.

As Manuel Valls, Susana Gallardo has experienced the failure of a marriage. Elle separated at the end of the year 2016 of her ex-husband, the businessman Alberto Palatchi, one of the greatest fortunes of Spain, with whom she had three children.