Marc Veyrat confesses to having contemplated suicide : “I am finished”

In January 2019, the Guide Michelin decided to withdraw the third star of the establishment, The House of wood, in Manigod, the chef Marc Veyrat. Since then, the latter has still not recovered from that decision, which he considers humiliating and unfounded. Washed away, he thought about suicide.

I don digérerai ever. I am confident that the Michelin did not come to control me to The House of wood. No inspector introduced me to his card. (…) I am almost 70 years old, I have over fifty years of cooking behind me, I have trained many leaders to become michelin-starred and it wants me to go back to the CP. It does not remove the third star Marc Veyrat, banned ! I can put it back, the pain will remain eternal and indelible. The Michelin will never be able to repair the terrible evil he has done for me“, complained the chief to the Point.

Marc Veyrat door of serious accusations, but in response to a recent news report tv of further investigation, broadcast last march, in which a former inspector for the Michelin Guide would put into question the marketing strategy of the red book. He recognized then that there were some institutionsin which it has not eaten since ten years” and claimed that there were only… “the five inspectors on the ground” ! Then the chief had picked up its third star last year, has there actually been visited in the following year ? The Michelin Guide says yes, and advance two arguments to this loss of star : asimple slice of cheddar” is considered to be insufficient in a dish and a “saint-jacques ” cotton-like” in another. In both cases, Marc Veyrat scans the arguments of a back of the hand.

Attacked in the heart, Marc Veyrat can not overcome the offense even though he swears that his turnover is up 10%. “I am in depression since the 20 January. (…) You can imagine the shame I feel : I am the only leader in History to be awarded a third star and losing it the following year. Every morning, I wake up with this in mind. I’m at the end, I have trouble sleeping, I do not eat hardly ever, I’m crying, I’m sick. I had to make a cure to take care of myself and I take medication. I had dark ideas. I envisioned the worst. I went through the head several times. I wanted to join my buddy Bernard Loiseau [death in 2003, ED.] up there. My girlfriend was scared, it hid my pills, my shotguns… If I’m still there, it is thanks to her and the support of my four children“, he confided.

Thomas Montet