Marion Cotillard : Her beautiful finger Guillaume Canet

It is not known that very rarely, if the film is held in a good atmosphere. That is, We will end up together, the result of the Small Handkerchiefs, fans already have a small idea. In fact, they know that Guillaume Canet (the film’s director) and his actors,Gilles Lellouche, Valerie Bonneton, Francois Cluzet , or even Laurent Lafitte, are very good friends. Not to mention the presence of Marion Cotillard, a companion of Guillaume Canet for over fifteen years.

On the occasion of the promotion of the film, which has been very well received at the box office, Guillaume Canet had been questioned on the acting skills of his companion. “It is always surprising ! On a tray, she is very generous, does not measure what it gives and does not care about the decision that we will keep to the end. (…) It is an actress very rich for a director, “he confided to Version Femina.

The father of Marcel (age 7) and Louise (2 years) would he have spoken too quickly ? Wednesday, 5 June 2019, Guillaume Canet has posted on Instagram an image from a shoot We end up together, revealing Marion Cotillard in the process of him doing his most beautiful finger. A gesture with a gaze incendiary. “Good atmosphere with my girl on the set !“, has ironisé the developer who is passionate about horse riding. Very generous, indeed !

In another video from the shoot released a few minutes later, we hear Guillaume Canet directing Marion Cotillard. “Hey Marion are you happy, eh !“, exclaimed it. “Yeah I’m super happy, “says the actress, oscar winner, in a tone not really playful. Beautiful memories (original) shooting and, at the same time, new episodes of the funny of the saga Instagram of the couple Canet-Cotillard.