Marriage of Jesta and Benedict (Koh-Lanta): Denis Brogniart makes them a beautiful gift

Saturday, June 1, Jesta and Benedict, who met during the filming of Koh-Lanta, the island treasure (TF1) broadcast in 2016 on TF1, were married in great pomp near Toulouse. The lovers that never cease to unveil behind-the-scenes of their marriage come to spread the gentle message that Denis Brogniart has recorded for them.

While the facilitator is in the process of recording a new edition of Koh-Lanta, between the two tests, he took the time to make a tribute video for the couple. In front of the camera, the man, 51-year-old said : “Hi Jesta, hi Benedict. I could not imagine wish you a wonderful marriage, moreover, that from an island paradise in the middle of the Pacific. It will remind you of your memories of 2015, it is at this time, after Koh-Lanta, that you have met. Full of happiness with your friends and those who are close to you. And I have a thought also for your little boy that’s going to happen, your little Juliann which is the result of these amours, a very beautiful wedding, full of wishes of happiness.”

The couple is preparing to be a child. Jesta, pregnant of 8 months, could well have given birth during his marriage ! Fortunately, everything went well, the little Juliann has demonstrated patience. Many of the former candidates of Koh-Lanta were present at the event, Candice, in a relationship with Jeremy, the duo revealed in Koh-Lanta, the island with The treasure… And if these two were the next to marry ?