Married at first sight – Claire and Gaëtan finally divorced : “Liberated, delivered,”

The experiment Married at first sight 3 has not been successful for Gaëtan (35 years old) and Claire (32 years old). If they have made the decision to marry, the two candidates, which were consistent with 84% (the highest rate of the season), according to the experts of the program, were finally taken separate ways once the filming was finished.

But, surprise, a year later, former leader in the restoration and the beautiful brunette had still not divorced. Claire had explained on her social networks that Gaëtan had not made the move on Paris, while a meeting was planned so that they will finally officially end their union. “The signing of the divorce took place in Paris, this is not next door ! The other weddings have taken place in the South ! This is not obvious to me, more at my expense. Being informed of the date, I would have been able to plan and organize myself in relation to my work, “he told in the story.

And to add : “Being married to a person with whom I have been just the time of filming, no thank you ! In addition, I am in a relationship for nine months with Tanya ! I don’t see the interest of leaving them.