Mathilde Seigner and her boyfriend live separately : “It was not my thing…”

July 3, 2019, Mathilde Seigner will return to the big screen in the comedy Ibiza alongside Christian clavier. The actress is 52 years old and the old Skin – there are divorced came together recently and who find themselves trained on the island favorite of clubbers. In life, Mathilde Seigner and companion Mathieu Petit love since thirteen years. This is another story that the actress has wanted to evoke in the pages of the magazine Gala.

Thirteen years that we are together, starts Mathilde Seigner. With ups and downs, as in all the couples of the earth. It works. It means well, even if I no longer believe in the daily to two. We must continue to love each other, but living separately. I’ll probably make enemies saying this…” In any case not on the side of Gwyneth Paltrow , who revealed, not to live daily with her husband Brad Falchuk. And the French continued : “My parents can’t understand it, for example. They are fusional for sixty years. He met in 20 years, and live glued-glued. It is wonderful, but it wasn’t really my thing.” Jean-Louis and Aline Seigner are installed in Normandy, where their three daughters – Emmanuelle, Mathilde and Marie-Amélie – also have their habits.

So far, Mathieu remains my man

Mathilde Seigner values her freedom and travels a lot for his work. It does, however, recognize that this is a lifestyle choice more difficult for Louis, 11 years old, the son she had with Matthews : “It’s a bit complicated to make him understand, but in the end, I’m sure all the kids are happy to see their parents happy to be reunited, rather than being together 24 hours on 24 and bawl. I’m not too much for lunch and dinner every day together. So far, Mathieu is my man.” Mathilde Seigner acknowledges that being immersed in the daily is not part of his nature. “With Mathieu, we live together, but in a different way. And I find it very nice.

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