Maxime (Koh-Lanta 2019) eliminated and “relieved” : “I can finally breathe,”

His head was put at price for several weeks… Friday, may 31, 2019, Maxim has not won the totem immunity in Koh-Lanta, the war of the heads (TF1) and has therefore been eliminated by his comrades on the board. In an interview granted to Purepeople.comthe adventurer talks about his weight loss, the reproaches of his teammates or even one of the strategies on the camp.

How did you feel when you were eliminated ?

I am relieved. Disappointed, but relieved. Because it means that all the pressure I was under to the daily stops. I rabâchait length of time that I was the next one to come out if I wasn’t making the tests of immunity. So clearly the pressure falls back and I can finally blow out a little.

Want-you-to-your classmates have voted against you ? In particular Clo, that you had given his word a few hours earlier…

In fact, the pact with Clo is sealed from the fifth day for me. It was said with Brice, Mohamed and Clo that the aim was to move together as far as possible. I carved it in the marble. I’ve never seen the double game of the Clo, I was sincere with it. When I see that she is sad of the departure of Mohamed, I comfort really, because it pains me. But I don’t want anyone to have voted against me. I was prepared, I was so repeated that I was conditioned.

Do you understand the decision of Steeve to keep his collar and vote against you ?

You should know that it is he who speaks to me first of his vote against Cyril. It was a little small window, heaven-sent opportunity that opened up. So sorry for Cyril, it was my only chance to get out of it and it was good war. And then after finally Steeve told me that he will not be able to give me her necklace because it would be door-to-fake with the other and it would skip to the next council. But I could tell because it, too, with his collar he could go directly in the final phase. And then he voted against me because he had to follow to hope to go further.

I don’t want anyone to have voted against me

Do you really think what you say at the immunity challenge, that of your classmates and, in particular, Cyril is jealous of your performance ?

Throughout the day, I repeat over and over that I am too loud, that I am the next one to come out. I have lost patience with the fatigue, pressure. The goal was just to get in a fight, not to win the totem, but really, to say : ‘We arrived before Jimmy.’ I have not found it to be very sporty and moved. The victory of Aurelian was minimized, most of all, they celebrated my defeat. But this sentence wasn’t like me, my apologies to Cyril were sincere.

Do you understand what you criticize your friends ?
They criticise me a hand too academic but it is only fair that I answer the questions they ask me. It is true that I slack may be so, but it is because I am passionate about my answer. I can hear it. But after they say I’m too strong, it is false. Aurélien and Cyril beat me… It’s a little tiring being told all day long that I am too strong, I do not understand. I find it weird as a criticism. I am trying to pass me, I do not save money in the trials, it is there for that after all.

What do you think of the image, rather cold, that you return ?
I’m not like that every day, it has been accented. But after that, it is true that at these moments of the adventure, I was on the reserve. It must be understood that every five seconds, it tells me that I pull out if I don’t win. I don’t want to smile.

In the episode, you melt in tears, you who seem so solid… Why ?
I am in the corridor of the condemned. I ask them to let me a chance but I know that it is a waste of effort, everything was already decided. All the beautiful words that I have heard are swept aside from the moment where I don’t win immunity. I loved this adventure, push my limits… I didn’t want to leave, I was still starting for the suite. It hurt me to see that I’m made from to ensure a place in the final four. I’ve given everything to try to eat three, four hours a day, do everything for the camp… there’s a stranglehold by people who make less.

I was in the corridor of the condemned

Some say that you only have the currency of your room, you go through the strategies with Beatrice at the beginning of the game… What do you think ?

From the first day, we saw that there was already an alliance between Victor, Emilia and Xavier. Just after I hear that Frederic wants to eliminate me, history just to achieve a beautiful blow by from the head of the Blue… I’m not a strategist, but at one time, it is necessary to be put. Everyone does the strategy. But after that, I developed my own strategy : to win the poles to make sure a board serene.

These last few episodes, Cindy is the queen of strategy. What do you think ?

I think she has taken a great deal of confidence in her from the moment she has recovered her necklace to the reunification. Before that, there had not been many reasons to worry because we struggled as a team to not go to the council. This is an excellent player-level strategy for Koh-Lanta, it is undeniable. Each of its arms, with her strategy, me with my totems. Maybe it was more demanding physically and mentally for me.

How was the return to reality ?

Well ! Three days after my return, I accepted a replacement of a teacher of EPS. But also, I have the habit with my job as a guide to be in an isolated area for a long time, three, six, nine months. The transition was not too complicated.

What has been the most hard on the camp for you : hunger, hygiene, the lack of close relatives, the fatigue ?

Frankly, none of that. Some cite boredom, I do not understand. I’ve never had the time nor the opportunity for me to get bored. What has been the most difficult, it is the alliances of the other. I have bad experienced the sapage of morale by the other, but I held out !

Have you lost weight ?

For my template, I am the one who has the most lost weight. I have lost 14 kilos, I went down there weighing 60 kilos. Since then, I’ve gained 10 kilos, I still lack 4 before getting back to my weight before Koh-Lanta.

How was your arrival at the residence of the final jury ?

They expected to see me for a while ! The reunion went well. I had a little concern for Frederick and I also knew that I had to discuss with Beatrice. With Mohamed, it was a little had the knife under the throat on this vote. We have made it clear that, if it was not, it was the next to jump. But I was in the optical to tell me that it was not finished yet and that if someone is hurt, I could make my return. So I stayed focused, I am driven to do the workout with scraps of wood !

Koh-Lanta has changed anything in your relationship with your partner ?

It was a super good school, I learned a lot of things because no, I’m not Mr. I-know-it-all ! Now, I am much more positive. And with my girlfriend, it has changed nothing. I’m indebted to them because it is a support infallible. When I am gone, she has forbidden me to think of her with sadness, so I made it my strength. We have projects together such as moving in together, to travel, to start our family.

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