Maxime Le Forestier, his son hard of hearing : “I didn’t know what to do…”

Maxime The Forester provides rare confidences about her family. The musician for 70 years returns with a new album, Published or not to be, expected on 7 June 2019. In the magazine Closer (on newsstands may 31), he refers at length his two sons : Arthur, 29 years, born of his marriage with Fabienne and with whom he collaborated on his last disc, but also Philip, his eldest son, 38-year-old hearing-impaired.

In Closer, Maxime Le Forestier speaks with a lot of modesty child of Philippe. When our colleagues ask him if it is him who saved him from the silence, the singer replied : “I think that it would have saved all alone if I hadn’t been there… When Philip was little, I didn’t know what to do.” Maxime Le Forestier called, at the time, the mother of Carlos, the famous pediatrician and psychoanalyst French François Dolto. Together, they are the key to understanding Philip. Also, the only advice that Maxime Le Forestier would give to parents is simple : “one must be able to communicate with the on-board equipment : the Lego allowed Philippe to identify colors and shapes, playing football was a communication with his friends…

Today, Philippe Le Forestier is a manager at the cinema. His little half-brother, Arthur The Forest, is a musician. It is, for example, who wrote the music of the last single of his father, The Girls love, and plays guitar throughout the album. In Gala, also on newsstands may 31, Maxime Le Forestier summarizes his thought with tenderness : “I do not have a father model to the extent that my parents were divorced when I was 12 or 13 years old. My father is gone to London, I only ever saw (…). In the end, I have no regrets nor complaints, and I am proud of the men that my two sons have become.

In Closer, Maxime Le Forestier also evokes the tragic fate of her older sister, Anne, a pianist and professor at the conservatoire. She was a role model for her little brother and her little sister Catherine. She is a quadriplegic following a serious accident.