Meghan and Harry : For Archie, of new work at Frogmore Cottage

Since April of 2019, the prince Harry and his wife Meghan live in the mansion of the Seventeenth century, Frogmore Cottage, Windsor. A building that the couple has completely renovated. The program ? Spa, yoga studio with “floating floor” (ideal for this practice) and non-toxic paints to remain in the promotion of green energy. After all, the British royal family must set an example to its many subjects. The cost of these modest works are estimated at nearly 3 million pounds. And to keep a little stamp of the former, the flaps and the floor of a few parts (only) will remain original. The couple will now address the facades and in the garden…

The”Archie”-detects of the royal house

Nothing is too good for Archie Harrison , who will thus be able to frolic, have fun, and grow up in a home completely healthy and clean. After the procedure, all the facades of the mansion was built in 1801, will be renovated and the garden completely redesigned to meet the needs of the couple. Ideal for outdoor education of the future offspring of Harry and Meghan. Two séquïoas giants will also be added to the garden to offer a bit of the exotic to the property.

A source confided to the Daily Mail : “Frogmore Cottage will be the perfect place for a prince royal may grow up with the duke and the duchess (…) The duchess is very involved in the project and hoped that the final design is perfect … But this is not all, the couple is now seeking to complete their garden to make it perfect for them and Archie. Lighting is a key element of the project, not only to make the garden beautiful, but also for security reasons.