Meghan Markle and Harry : The nanny Archie resigns, the 3rd in six weeks

Earlier this June, the american version of Harper’s Bazaar , said the duke and duchess of Sussex had hired a wet nurse English which was not based permanently at Frogmore Cottage, the official abode of the couple in Windsor since this spring. The reporter royal Katie Nicholl was added fromEntertainment Online that the parents of Archie had to sign a confidentiality agreement strictly to their new employee. This last would have been spared with regard to night guards : “Meghan woke up in the night to breastfeed, feeding on demand every few hours. Apparently, it is a starving little boy.”

The resignations are linked together

Just before the birth of Archie, may 6, rumors said that Sussex were going to once again get away from royal traditions in snobant nannies graduates of the school Norland. Passing through a recruitment agency specialized in London, in Kensington, Meghan Markle would have required a wet nurse, rather American than English, which would be more a family member than an employee in uniform. She would have even considered hiring a man. A profile quite different from that of the Spanish Maria Teresa Borrallo, the Norland Nanny of prince William and Kate Middleton for their three children : George (age 5), Charlotte (4 years old) and Louis (1 year).