Mellel turns the tables

Well, here’s the annual revision of this text editor delightfully nerdy but terribly sophisticated, which is particularly adapted to the needs of academic researchers. No, we do not speak of Nisus Writer Pro, but its competitor Mellel. Among other corrections of bugs and enhancements, version 4.2 completely overhauls the management of the tables.

Mellel 4.2 includes tools for management of tabular data that is worthy of a small spreadsheet.

The documents Mellel could already, luckily, integrate of tables. With this update, however, the text editor gains a few features as practical as they are rare. Such as titles or paragraphs, tables may receive the styles, which ensure the consistency of the presentation of the document. Each style of table that can contain multiple models, which can define the size and the position of the cells, or the format of the content.

While other publishers reject the settings of the tables in a side bar or an inspector floating, Mellel attach a small paddle on the table. Number of rows and columns, borders, and margins, background colour and alternate rows, rounded corners and even spacing between the cells… it feels like in a spreadsheet.

And in fact, Mellel is now able to perform some operations, such as the sum of a column. Not anything to replace a spreadsheet, but probably what is pushing back its use. Finally, if a table spans multiple pages, the headers and the foot may be repeated on each page. Mellel is proposed-44.65 € with two years of updates included, after 30 days of evaluation.