Messages : Business Cat tape the talks with Shopify

Business Cat, aka business Discussions, is no longer a club reserved to a few large companies. Apple has opened this feature of Messages to the e-commerce platform Shopify. More than 800 000 merchants that will be able to discuss with their clients from the messaging application from Apple.

This applies to both the us users than those in the rest of the world. Business Discussions is available in France and elsewhere since last October. Engie and The Redoubt, but also Axa and Swisscom in Switzerland, and many other companies, provide services to clients on Messages (it is necessary to identify the Messages icon in the file Plans of the company or in its application).

Merchants Shopify must use the service Shopify Ping, the messaging service of the platform, to then be able to connect to business Discussions. The shop site Hodinkee specializing in high-end watches, an affiliate of Shopify, already offers support for this function.