Microsoft working on a new PC foldable with two screens

Credits Microsoft

Dubbed “Project Centaurus”, the new device teasé by Microsoft could be launched in the next six months, at least if we are to believe the revelations of the site The Verge, the origin of this leak. Mid-way between the laptop and the tablet, the new Surface was designed by the firm of Redmond would have the particularity of being equipped with two screens, built on a front foldable. A device hybrid that is reminiscent of the smartphone Galaxy Fold Samsung, or, more recently, the ZenBook Pro Duo imagined by Asus.

The idea of the screen foldable, however, is not new at Microsoft. For several years, the american firm would regularly talk about her and her Surface Phone, also known as project Andromeda. It was not until last August that an officer of the company has dampened the expectations of fans, explaining that the Surface Phone foldable would probably never be the day, the latter was not registered “on the roadmap” of the company.

Rather than abandon the project Andromeda, Microsoft seems to have decided to evolve into project Centaurus. According to sources close to the matter interviewed by The Verge, the product would be in development for two years already, have already been presented at an internal meeting, and several videos are already available. If it is not yet known, while such a device hybrid, it should run under Windows Lite, a new Os less of a manufacturer that is currently under development, which should be optimized for screens folding, but also for Chromebooks. Attention, for the moment, no official announcement has been made regarding a possible new Surface. It will have to wait a few months before you see the information to be confirmed.